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Lost River Kayak Adventure

Black River, Jamaica (0)
from/per person $65.00
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Irie Safari offers a kayak tour deep into pristine clear waterways in the Black River Lower morass far from the regular routes travelled by motorized boats and those ares frequented by the crocodile. These rivers and streams are freshwater and not liked by the salt water loving reptile.

The tour is a two hour long paddle and boat ride into either the hidden Punches River, the mysterious swamp forests of the Frenchman river or the crystal clear water of the upper section of the Broad River. Only the true outdoors person can appreciate the intimate contact with nature that a kayak trip offers and the peace and quiet that calms the spirit and heals the soul.

Kayak tours are by appointment only and we offer trips for groups of seven with a tour guide. The cost of these tours is $US65.00 with kids twelve to nine years old $30.00.

Water resistant shoes, waterproof containers and photographic equipment are highly recommended as well as hats, sunblock and insect repellant.

Kayaking is never allowed without a guide or life vests and attendance at a safety briefing is mandatory.


  • Water Resistant Shoes (Available for Rent)
  • Hats and Light Cool Clothing
  • Sunscreen and Insect Repellant
  • Camera and Photographic Equipments (Recommended)


  • A guide must be present
  • Life vest must be worn
  • Tour Available by Appointment Only
  • No Plastic Container or Flammable Material


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