“The Company”

Irie Safari was originally formed in 1993 and is owned and operated by Rupert Lloyd Linton of Black River. It has re-organized and expanded to meet a growing demand for eco-based attractions in the European marketplace.   Mr. Linton is an Aquatic Ecologist by training and was one of the founding members of the entity now known as N.E.P.A. The entity originally was granted permission to operate by NRCA, Jamaica Tourist Board and TPDCO and more recently the River Rafting Authority.

Irie Safari Swamp Buggys also operates the Fish Pot seafood restaurant and bar as well as a franchise of the popular Indies Pizza.

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Irie Safari tour consists of a seventy minute cruise up the Black and Broad rivers conducted by a captain/tour guide who has been trained in life saving procedures in addition to extensive training in the operation of passenger carrying watercraft. Due to our back ground in wetland biology the commentary given to our guests is factual, educational and delivered in an entertaining and lighthearted manner. No swimming or off-boat excursions are allowed. Ever. No facilities exist en route for rest room stops. Our slogan says that we are “more than just a boat ride” and we aim to make every tour as satisfying as possible to our clients whether they see one crocodile or ten. We give a brief perspective on the town of Black River and it’s historic and commercial ties to the river from which it got it’s name. The relevance and importance of the Black River Lower Morass is also highlighted and the crocodile’s role at the top of the food chain is mentioned as well as its
protected status.

Guests that join us as part of a pre-booked package are treated to our famous jungle juice at the top of the tour before returning to our on site restaurant for a Jamaican style lunch by the river. Guests are at no time allowed to interact physically with crocodiles and captains refrain from feeding the animals as per directive handed down by TPDCo and NEPA some years ago.


Our riverside complex lies 500 meters in from the main thoroughfare of Brigade Street and is accessed by a left turn almost immediately after passing NCB bank.  The property has ample parking for several coaches and coaster type buses and is safe and secure from vandals and idle passersby. The signage on the roads leading to the property all say Irie Safari and should lead you to the river if followed properly.

The company uses five pontoon type boats to conduct the cruises on the river and has another four seater craft that can be used to do tours up the river but is used more as a rescue craft.

The Amphibious Swamp Buggy, along with its raft, transports twenty passengers and crew safely into almost all kinds of wetland conditions giving our guests a truly remarkable, once in a life time opportunity, to experience a wetland ecosystem up close.

The craft is not only able to traverse soft soggy areas, but cross rivers and  streams and redefine the definition of a wetland trail. This makes the Swamp Buggy’s swamp safari an absolutely unique tour experience found only on Jamaica’s South Coast.This new tour offering, along with the already highly rated Black River safari tour and our soon to be opened Water Park and Aquarium Exhibit, brings Black River and the South Coast into the forefront of premier attractions for the visitor to Jamaica and local residents alike.

Our 5 pontoon boats are uniquely designed to carry large numbers of passengers safely and balanced to reduce the “tipping over” effect are run by a combination of two stroke and four stroke outboard engines. The company intends to replace all two stroke engines by 2017 as they are more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly as far as emissions are concerned.

We can move a maximum of one hundred passengers at any one time and, with coordination and proper scheduling we can move approximately three hundred and fifty (350) guests in any one day.  The boats are equipped with fire extinguishers, life vests and life rings in the very unlikely event of an accident.

The dining facilities are capable of seating in excess of eighty persons in a comfortable open and cool environment. The building is equipped with a handicap ramp and lunches are normally served buffet style. The Fish Pot Bistro will serve done to order, seafood dishes and jerk dishes for those guests who are not part of a pre-booked group. The facility also houses a pizza parlor for those guests who want a snack type meal, and a bar for liquid refreshment.

The jetty areas are equipped with seats for comfortable viewing of the river and there is a boardwalk adjacent to the restaurant that often allows close up views of crocodiles as they seek the afternoon sun. A waterfall and fishpond next to an elevated gazebo by the river round out the relaxation oriented amenities on the property.

Truly More Than Just a Boat Ride

There is so much more to do at Irie Safari Swamp Buggys Tours in Black River and you will be glad you did.  Let our tour guides take you on a memorable experience up the river, through the swamp and back

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What To Expect

Have the full experience of the Irie Safari Swamp Tours in Black River by taking along the recommended gears.  You can expect adequate parking, experience Tour Guides, Educational Tours an don’t forget to take your camera.

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